Heartland Physicians Corporation (HPC) participating healthcare providers have always placed patient care and positive outcomes as their top priority. In an effort to better manage the health status of our chronically ill Medicare patients, HPC has chosen to offer care coordination services.

Care coordination is an approach to healthcare in which all of a patient’s needs are coordinated with the assistance of a primary point of contact. This person provides information to the patient and their caregivers, and works with them to make sure that the patient gets the most appropriate treatment, while ensuring that health care is not accidentally duplicated. This process has proven to save money on health care costs, and it improves the quality of care as well as patient satisfaction.

Care coordination also reduces stress and strain for patients and caregivers. The coordinator is always available to answer questions when doctors are not, and family members can also consult with the coordinator when it comes to making complex choices. The coordinator is familiar with all of the options given the patient’s case, and can provide information about the potential outcomes of these options.